Are You a Manufacturer?
Yes, we are manufacturers and exporters of Medical Equipments, with wide range of products and services catering to segments such as Surgery, Orthopaedic, Gynaecolgy, Pediatrics, ENT, Plastic, Urology, Neuro, Skin, Dental, Physiotherapy, Opthal.
What is the minimum order that we can place?
There is no minimum order quantity.
What is your shipping mode and charges?
We ship via air or sea, Freight charges would be extra depending upon the weight, size, volume, destination of the shipment.
What type of Packing is used?
Items are packed in 7 ply sturdy cartoons, and are strongly stripped from all sides. Wooden cartons are also used if required depending upon the item.
How fast are your deliveries?
It generally take 1-6 weeks depending upon the order quantity, mode of shipment and destination.

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