• Cylindrical filter technology to absorb heat. This ensures that the light of the lamp is cool and pure with homogenous field focus.
  • Intense light.
  • Easy focusing and positioning as desired can be achieved with the help of handle.
  • Wide action radius.
  • Change over switch for stand by bulb mechanism
  • Knob provided on the dome head for Focusing
  • Handle for Easy Positioning of the Light Head

A compact, economical general purpose examination / light meeting the need of deep cavity surgery at the minor surgery light. It is smaller than the standard lightssame time the other dome provides a larger field size but larger than the more specialized spot light presently available in the market.

Dome Size



Luminance (Lx)

Temperature Rise



380 mm

1 Aluminum Reflector

12 V x 50 W

15,000 lux

5 - 7 C

1000 mm

Axial, Radial, Angular