Solid State Electrosurgical Unit
  Solid State Electrosurgical Unit- Models

• SSEG 302
• SSEG 300B
• SSEG 402
• SSEG 502

The GALVOTOM is a modern solid-state electrosurgical unit. Both in design and equipment it meets all the requirements of electrosurgery. High Power and various modes make it ideal for general & clinical practice.

The GALVOTOM SSEG has separate controls for cutting, coagulation, bipolar microcoagulation. It offers all the advantages of electrosurgery: simplified haemostasis (Blend control) with hand as well as foot control.

Its output makes it suitable for procedures in E.N.T., Gynecology, Neurosurgery, Orthopedic, General surgery, Plastic surgeries, Laproscopic Interventions, Including Urological and Thoracic procedures. Can be used for all major and minor operations. Its compact size and light weight makes it a best option for various fields.


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