Digital Electrosurgical Unit
  Digital Electrosurgical Unit - Models

• GEM 400B+
• GEM 300
• GEM 200

Intelligent, Smart and Clinical
GEM series of advanced powerful microcontroller based surgical generators gives the surgeon a powerful tool to deliver selected power over varying tissue types. Hence, no need of high power settings and more energy which in turn reduces tissue damage.
  • Less thermal damage
  • Less charring and sparking
  • Reduces recovery time
Micro-controller design
GEM series of generators use a single advanced and powerful controller which controls, senses, and acts upon feedback by continuously monitoring voltage, current, tissue impedance, RF leakage, Power.
  • Single advanced and powerful controller.
  • Power micro-controller with minimum reaction time and maximum processing speed
  • High power efficiency
  • Minimizes tissue damage
  • Enhanced performance at low power settings which in turn minimizes neuro-muscular stimulation
Surgical Assistance
  • User – settable and pre-programmed programs to assist in easy and fast use of the system
  • Select the desired program using the program key and the system is ready for use with only one key touch
  • Separate program display to avoid confusion with power and modes
Error Indicator
  • Performs a self test during switch ON to check system status and resumes in the last used program and modes
  • Displays error messages on the display depending upon the faults diagnosed
  • Example: Displays error message on display to indicate patient return electrode error” P ERROR”
Pad-Patient Return Electrode Monitoring eliminates the risk of patient burns at return electrode site. Pad-patient impedance monitoring using a dual area patient return electrode.
  • Audio visual alarm
  • Error message on display
  • Deactivates the RF to ensure safe operation
Endo cut (Pulse cut)
Endo cut is cutting power delivered in bursts (in seconds) useful in Endo surgeries like papillotomy and polypectomy.
  • Three different burst duration in seconds (Two, Three and Four seconds)
Bipolar Sealing
  • Optimized combination of pressure and energy creates the seal by melting the collagen & elastin in the vessel wall & reforming it in to a seal & results in no sticking or charring
  • Feed back controlled response system automatically discontinues energy delivery when the seal cycle is complete
  • High strength seal, Minimal collateral RF thermal effect to adjacent tissue
 CUT  Provides uniform cutting through all types of tissues.
 LOW  Provides precise cutting with lower max. voltage which ensures minimum collateral tissue
 damage suitable for Neuro, Plastic, ENT.
 PURE CUT  Provides pure, precise cutting with higher max. voltage suitable for TURP
 BLEND  Provides CUT power with useful coagulation (cutting with different levels of
 haemostasis ) to reduce bleeding

 COAG  Satisfies all coagulation needs of the surgeons
 SPRAY  Non contact coagulation with minimal depth of necrosis
 FULGURATE 1  Provides coagulation with lower max. voltage
 FULGURATE 2  Provides essential coagulation with high max. voltage with high crest factor
 DESICCATE  Provides low voltage contact coagulation suitable for delicate work

 BIPOLAR  Provides precise bipolar coagulation effect
 MICRO  Precise performance with minimum collateral tissue damage
 MACRO  Provides precise performance with higher maximum voltage
 STANDARD  Provides precise performance, suitable for most applications
 BI CUT  Provides Cutting effect in bipolar using suitable instrument
 BI SEAL  Provides intelligent sealing capabilities to the user upto 7 mm using Open and Lapro
 attachments, Audio and output cutoff and upon Seal

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