Fogger unit generates high density fog with droplets size in the range of 5-10 microns, also provide maximum thrust, deeper penetration.

It's wide spread of aerosols ensuring effective & uniform treatment of ULV chemical being fogged, be it aerial fumigation / fogging or surface treatment.

 Light weight, portable & extremely user –friendly, Fogger aerosol
    generators are highly versatile & ideal equipment to dispense
    winds rang of disinfectants, biocides, fungicides, deodorants &
 Provides excellent control on droplet size & is capable of generating ultra fine droplets (5-10 microns) for fogging to droplets (heavy fog)
     as application demand
 Sterile areas ready for within 1-1/2hr maximum , Speed of the application gives great saving in time and permits the treatment to be
     made when convenient
 No side effects, irritation compared to Formalin +KMNO4 fumigation
 No flooding of disinfectant on the floor /surface, Compatible with wide range of disinfectants
 Special air filter prevents entry of dust, dirt & chemical
 Fast, highly effective, safe non toxic fumigation
 Save substantial amount of chemical cost with better treatment result
 Disinfectants like Bacilocid, Incidur, Ecoshield, etc can be used
• Hospital ,Nursing Homes & Clinics - Fumigation / Air environment sterility in Operation Theatres , intensive Care Unit , ICCUs, Neonatal
   ICUs, AKD Units, Patients Room & General Words, Post Operative Wards . Air sterility in Microbiology Lad, Blood Banks etc.
• Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industries
• Food Processing ,Dairy, Ice cream, Canning , Meat & Sea Food Processing , Fisheries, Packaged Water, Beverages , Breweries, Cold
   Storage industries
• Poultry , Hatcheries ,Animal House
• Greenhouses , Sericulture Crops, Seed& Sapling Farms Floriculture Industries
• HVAC Ducts
Technical Specifications
 Input Power  220 VAC, 3.5 AMP, 50Hz
 Particle size  5-10 MICRONS
 Reach  20-30 ft distance & 18-20 ft height
 Space treatment  Up to 7000 cuft & even larger
 Nozzle Assembly  Non Rotating Vortex Design ,Non Clogging
 Power Hade Housing  High Grade Engg. Plastic Though & corrosion resistant
 Chemical Solution Tank  Capacity – 7.5 litres
 Precision Metering System  Liquid Discharge rate : 0-300 ml/min, Adjustable by rotating knob
 Intake Air Filter  Primary / Secondary Filteration
 Empty Weight  4.6 Kg
 Timer  0-60 min, Advanced Electronic Timer