Satisfies every need by assessing accurately the conditions of blood circulation and oxygenation of the fetus. It allows continuous monitoring of essential parameters and early detection of alarm conditions.

 Trendy & portable design, Lightweight, space-saving, easy operation
 Multicrystal high sensitive wide-beam transducer
 Accurate heart rate calculation using auto correlation
 Separate LED display for FHR and toco activity
 Alarms for HR and toco activity
 Recording on ordinary A4 sized paper (non thermal)
 Fast printing option from memory for second copy

• Recording of foetal heart rate after 6 months
• Detects Foetal Distress & Intrauterine death
• Determine multiple pregnancies

Technical Specifications
 Frequency  2 Mhz
 Intensity  < 10 Mw / sq. cm
 Heart rate  30-240 BPM
 LED display  Real time FHR & UA value
 Scaling  30 BPM / cm
 Range  30 - 240 BPM
 Resolution  1 BPM
 Input  230V, 50Hz
 Printer Port  Parallel Printer Port available

• FHR probe - 1no
• TOCO probe - 1no
• Fetal Movement marker - 1no
• Mains cord - 1no
• Belts – 2 nos
• Ultrasound Gel - 1no
• Dust Cover
• Dot matrix Printer (Optional)
• Acoustic Stimulator (Optional)