Pocket Fetal Doppler is designed to meet routine examination requirement of obstetricians, mid wives and pregnant women. Applicable for the private obstetrician’s office, ante partum clinic, obstetrical department of hospital or home care.

• To detect real-time FHR (Fetal Heart Rate) and average FHR
• A large LCD screen display the FHR, and an audio output
• 9V battery standby for lasting 3 months or continuous usage
   for 5 hours

 Light weight and Easy to use
 Long- life design, dust proof
 Large backlight LCD display FHR
 Built in Hi-Fi speaker, clear beat sound
 Accurate FHR detection with real-time FHR mode and average FHR mode
 High sensitivity interchangeable probe

• Detection of foetal heart at 10 to 12 weeks
• Localization of Placenta
• Detects Foetal Distress & Intrauterine death
• Determine multiple pregnancies

Technical Specifications
 Body  Shock Proof
 Battery  9 v
 Frequency  2 MHz
 Resolution  1 bpm
 Heart rate Range  50~210bpm
 Weight  1.5kg

• Transducer Probe with cable
• Oil Bottle
• Carrying case